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Sarada Krishnamohan

To turn a tiny lump of earth and create such magic from your deft hands and imaginative mind is truly inspiring. What is even more delightful is that I get to take these creative pieces home and delight everyone who comes home. Thank you Tejasvi for your very creative creations!

Sreenivasa Uncle

Dear Tejasvi, Over the years I have seen you growing in your craft and it's with great pride that I write this to you. My blessings to you for brightening up people’s homes and office spaces with objects that delight the eye. I wish you the best in your future projects!

Prerna Prasad

An excellent depiction of the craftsmanship of the ancient times, blending with the contemporary times. Your designs are very simple and yet very striking in their colour palette. Love your work!

Turiya Narumanchi

Tejasvi, your pottery is one one among the very creative ones I have seen. I like your imagination and look forward to more of these colourful designs from you. It's such a wonderful take on modern pottery!

Sandhya Rani

Earthen bliss’s products are very skillfully done and the craftsmanship and colours are very pleasing to the eye. Kudos to the artist for her customised personalisation to my decor needs. I wish her the best to please us more!

Kim Maria Misao

I am a huge fan of all kinds of tableware and Earthen Bliss’s creations are great for all seasons and afford a great take away for gifting too! Tejasvi’s rich dark glazes in deep set colours are a treat to not just the eyes but also are so utilitarian. Thank you to this artist for brightening up our tables and eats!

Manasa Rao

I have been a long time favourite of Tejasvi’s ceramic work. Her new twist of taking ceramics onto the wall as art is seriously cool and innovative! Looking forward to sprucing up my wall with her beautiful creations!

Manisha Agrawal

Well I met with tejasvi on social platform and saw her pottery work which was so elegant and trendy at the same time.... all her work is hand made and with so much precision in it... love her work and artifacts feels like to grab them all n showcase in my home...I wish all the best for her future opportunities....

Dr. Prajakta Habbu

Cutest decor ever! The ideas and dedication Tejasvi put into the decor, commendable! The best part is, it has that personalised touch that everyone craves for just like what you had pictured! Highly recommend you to anyone!